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June 29, 2012

This Week According to my iPhone

I'm constantly trying to capture our days with my iPhone camera, and while they aren't the best quality, it is great to have photos while we're on the go. I'm already toting around a 16+ lb baby boy, a carseat, diaper bag and stroller--I don't want to add huge-dSLR to that list!

clockwise from top left
  1. Tuesday night we stopped into Diddams before meeting family for dinner and bought a few little things we thought Owen might find fun. One of them was a blue and silver pinwheel. I had read somewhere that someone's baby was entertained in the car by a pinwheel blowing in the wind. Owen seems to enjoy watching it blow when I roll down the tea window. Anything to make car rides happier + peaceful. 
  2. The sunflowers in our backyard are really growing! They were planted from seed around Easter--and look at them now! It has been so fun watching them grow. Each day they grow a little more---just like Owen! 
  3. I made a blueberry-peach cobbler this week and it was wonderful! I should make more desserts using fresh fruit! Mmm. Will share recipe next week! 
  4. I was making a salad for dinner this week and realized we had no salad dressing--and it was too late to get to the store. I did a quick Google search and found a recipe for a Low-Calorie Creamy Balsamic dressing and I just happened to have all the ingredients--now, when does that happen? I'll share it next week. 
  5. How cute is this boy? We went shopping this week (don't we always?) and when he woke up so sweet and happy. He just chilled there in his stroller with 3 of his fingers in his mouth. Could eat him with a spoon! 
  6.  If I had to do one of those "Things You'd Be Shocked to Know About Me" type articles in a magazine the fact that I am a fan of any and all zombie movies and shows would top that list. I cannot watch murderer movies, but zombies I am totally okay with. Anyway, we watch The Walking Dead and Keith has been reading the graphic novels and so he always knows what will happen next, which makes me mad, so I've started reading them too. They look out of place on my bedside table next to the baby monitor, lip balm and wedding photo. 
  7. I bought this adorable dress this week and I can't wait to wear it. Finding something I'm excited to wear doesn't happen terribly often these days, so this is awesome. We're going wine tasting tomorrow with friends and I'm hoping to wear it! 
Happy weekend! 

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Jen said...

Your little boy is precious! And that dress is super cute! Have a great weekend!