Meet the Sullivans: UNICEF at Hallmark

June 6, 2012

UNICEF at Hallmark

We were shopping for a few greeting cards for friends and family this week at Hallmark and found these greeting cards by UNICEF. I usually like to buy Papyrus cards because they have such beautiful details, but the proceeds from these cards goes to children in need, which far out weights any glitter or shinny details.
Did you know UNICEF saves more children's lives than any other humanitarian organization in the world? They work to keep children alive and safe in over 150 countries. The money from these cards go toward delivering medicine, clean water, food, shelter and more to children everywhere.

What really sealed the deal for me when I bought these cards is that they tell you specifically what the money from your card will go to. The $3 I spent on the birthday card will provide three boxes of crayons for a classroom so "children can explore their imagination with color" and the sympathy card will provide clean needles for vaccinations. 

I will definitely be buying additional UNICEF cards in the near future. You can buy some directly from their website

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