Meet the Sullivans: Feeding Baby

July 16, 2012

Feeding Baby

Since Owen was about one month old we have been affectionately calling him The Chunkafield. Don't ask me why, or how, because I don't exactly know. What I do know is that he earned this name because of his insatiable hunger and desire to chow down. The kid loves to eat, and that's why I've been so excited for him to try real food! It has been very messy and quite the production at each feeding, but he love love loves it!

I spent a few weeks researching and browsing various supplies for our food adventure. I used a Baby Center article on How to buy solid feeding supplies and tips from friends / family to help inform my decisions. Here is some of what I've deemed essential:
Baby FeedingSmall spoons: I went with plastic-coated spoons, since they are easier on his tender gums. What is also nice are temperature-safe spoons that change color when food is too hot to serve your baby. I went with the Tommee Tippee feeding spoons.

Easy-on, easy-off, easy-clean bibs: I read that big, washable, stain-resistant, and simple to put on and take off (choose velcro or snaps over cute ribbon ties) are best. I went with these from Toys R Us.

Mats: Splat-mats are aptly named pieces of plastic sheeting you put under the highchair to protect the floor or carpet from food and juice, which I haven't purchased yet...any suggestions?

Plastic bowls: I had a hard time picking these, but ended up going with ones that had a suction on the bottom (which does not keep Owen from knocking it over FYI) and lids. I bought the Munchkin brand.

Snack Storage: A friend of ours highly recommended this Innobaby snack storage system. It holds little baby snacks in 3-5 different sections so you can pack formula, snacks, pacifiers or even use one as a serving bowl. So multipurpose!

Sippy cups: Baby Center says, "When your baby is ready to try drinking from a cup, usually somewhere between 6 months and a year, no-spill sippy cups are a lifesaver." and I often give Owen a bottle of cool water to play with when it's hot out. He likes to sip a bit from it. He loves his Avent pacifiers, so I knew these Avent Spout cups would be a hit with him.

Food mills, grinders, and processors: We received one of these fun little mesh bags — called a fresh food feeder — as a gift. It works like a strainer. You open the bag, put fresh food inside, and snap it shut. The baby can chew the tiny pieces of food that are strained through the bag, leaving potential choking hazards like peels and seeds inside the bag. Owen isn't big enough for this yet, but when he has more variety in his diet we'll be using these!

I'm also really looking forward to sung my Beaba Babycook to make Owen freshly pureed fruit and veggies! The food can be frozen in these silicone trays and popped out and defrosted whenever we need it!

Some of the stuff I picked up at Babies R Us:

And here is a little video I took of Owen trying rice cereal for the first time! 


Natasha said...

i appreciate you posting this VERY much...we'll be starting rice cereal this week and i am bookmarking this for when we go to more solids soon!

Cramer Coffee and Jesus said...

The top left pic - the netted teething toy - was a LIFE saver for us! ha. we started putting frozen fruit in that thing and Melody loved it!

Emily said...

Pinning this for future use!! Thank you for your recommendations!

James Anthony said...

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