Meet the Sullivans: Menu Monday & a Brain Dump

July 30, 2012

Menu Monday & a Brain Dump

I'm trying out two new recipes this week. They are similar in flavor, but that's just because I love all things mexican food. Doesn't the Chipotle Chicken Salad look good? And I'm thinking the Chicken Tamale Casserole will be a great addition to my "recipes for cold weather" arsenal. Both are Cooking Light recipes. 
On to the brain dump:

1. Oh my gosh, I really need to work on Owen's baby book. I've been doing an okay job with it, but I'd like to make it really great since I know that our next child probably won't get one (I won't have time!).

2. Our 2 year wedding anniversary is coming up in about a week (August 7th!). Someone asked the other day how long we've been married and I almost told them a year--whoops! Time has gone by so quickly.

3. On that note, traditionally the second anniversary is the cotton anniversary. Last year we gave each other traditionally themed gifts. We're going to do a gift from us to us this year instead of individual gifts and decided we should buy new bedding.

4. It seems like everyone has something adorable on from Bridier Baubles lately. I've been holding back on buying something because I just can't decide what I like the most! Recently these two have caught my eye. I think both could transition from late Summer to Fall well, right?
5. Keith ran the San Francisco (half) Marathon yesterday. I am so proud of him! I know there were some mornings where it was very hard for him to get out there for practice runs after a certain someone was up all night.

6. My life planner came on Friday! I love the design and custom color way (Candy Lace in grey + multi) and think it turned out perfectly! It is exactly what I hoped it would look like.

7. I'm doing our grocery shopping online this week. Most of the time I enjoy my weekly grocery shopping trips, but when we're really busy on the weekend it can be such a chore and a hassle. Making the list (checking it twice??), doing the shopping, checking out, loading and unloading the car, and then unpacking it all can = 2 hours! Not time I want to waste, people. Also, I am likely to spend less and make better decisions when I can see my grand total and I don't make any impulse buys.

8. We're having family photos taken in September / October and I'm feeling the pressure to start shopping for our attire. We love our photographer! She took our engagement and wedding photos and photos for a few of our friends.

9. Little man is crawling. We're baby proofing. Any tips?

10. We're going to lunch today with my mom and sister. I can't wait to sit by the ocean, in the sun (hopefully!) and enjoy time with people I love. And drink one of these:

Happy Monday, friends!

Did / do you have a baby book for your children? Do you give traditional anniversary gifts? Any tips for baby proofing?

PS. How sweet is this?


Jen said...

Ok so how do you grocery shop online? And I do a shutterfly hardback book for the boys every year. It is very time consuming. But since it's important to us I just hunker down and make the time.

Pink Lace and Cupcakes said...

Love the navy necklace, and your planner - I heart Erin Condren and that cocktail looks amazing!