Meet the Sullivans: Menu Monday & Scenes from the Weekend

July 23, 2012

Menu Monday & Scenes from the Weekend

Happy Monday everyone! We had a great weekend (it's still technically our weekend since Monday is really like Keith's Sunday) and today were off bright and early for Owen's 6 month well baby doctor's visit. I can't wait to see where he stands in terms of height and weight percentiles. He seems really long, or should I call it tall? His second tooth is coming through and it is really causing him some discomfort. My poor baby boy.

Anyway, here is what we have planned in the kitchen this week: 
I'm excited to make all of these dishes / meals / creations this week. I few I've made before and the rest I've found on Pinterest, Tidy Mom, in The Pioneer Woman cookbook, Keeping Up with the Joneses and The Food Network's website.

And some scenes from our weekend: 

We finally got around to "date night" Saturday night. We dropped Owen off at my mom's and grabbed a quick dinner before seeing a movie. Dinner consisted of beer + pizza at Golden Boy and The Dark Knight Rises, which was excellent! I haven't ever been very impressed with Anne Hathaway's acting, but she really really surprised me in this one. She hit Cat woman right on the mark--fabulous job! 

I took Owen on a full out grocery shopping trip Sunday morning while Keith was running--we had a full cart by the end of the trip. He was wonderful and so happy the entire time. He just loves taking in all the sights and smiling at people as we stroll down the aisles!

This cutie pie is crawling now! He doesn't make it very far, but he is managing to get his knees moving and his arms forward. He makes it a few moves before crashing into the carpet. We're so proud of him!! Now we just need to do some baby proofing--any suggestions / tips ?

Sunday afternoon we went for a picnic with our friends the Smiths. Jackie and I have been friends forever and she and her husband have a boy, Nico, just two weeks and two days younger than Owen. It is so fun getting together with them!

The weeks are going by so quickly--it's going to be Friday again in the blink of an eye!

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Jess at Just Rainbows and Butterflies said...

Oh my goodness, what a cutie pie! All these pictures of Mr. Owen are just absolutely precious. Love.