Meet the Sullivans: Owen is 6 Months!

July 19, 2012

Owen is 6 Months!

Dear Owen,

This week you turn 6 months old! It's hard to believe that half of your first year of life is behind us! Every week you learn new exciting and cute things!

-Your first tooth came in this month-- bottom left. Teething has been hard on you, but we've given you cold wash cloths, teething toys frozen in the freezer and some Tylenol to help you feel better.

-You sit unassisted and love to play this way on the carpet!

-You're really into grabbing faces and give "kisses" (which really feels more like were being eaten). You love noses, lips and hair. Luckily you haven't discovered my earrings yet!

-We've started giving you your baths in the sink because you were getting real crazy in your plastic tub! You still love LOVE love bath time!

-You graduated from Gymboree Level One this week, so next week we'll start the 6-12 month class. You love going  to Gymboree and I think it's because you love to have an audience. You keep all the moms and babies entertained. I often feel a tiny bit shy when you're talking up a storm while the teacher is talking. From a former teacher's perspective I really hope you don't do that in school!

- You are SO close to crawling! You can push up on all fours and can sort of scoot forward and backward. You get really frustrated being contained because you just want to move! We're in big trouble when you start moving!

-You started solids at 5 months and 3 weeks while Dadda was camping. You stare at us when we're eating like it's the most interesting this in the world, so we really felt you were ready!

-You are still in love with any and all dogs. If we want to keep you entertained all we need to do is make sure Rocky / Conan are near by. You love them so much!

- You are wearing mostly 6-9 and 9 month clothes and size 3 diapers. We take you for your 6 month doctor visit next Monday, so I will update your stats then! Update: You weigh 17lbs 10 oz (50%) and you are 26 3/4 inches (62%).

It makes my heart heavy hoping that you will always know how amazing, strong, smart, sweet, loving and wonderful you are. You're all of those things to the fullest. We love you more than words can describe. You make each day happy and silly and wonderful! We love you with all of our hearts, sweet boy!




Jess at Just Rainbows and Butterflies said...

What a cutie! Happy 6 months, Owen!

Cramer Coffee and Jesus said...

wow, little Own is precious! Isn't it going by so fast? My little girl will be a year old next month - ugh, where does time go?! Glad I found someone I can follow that we have a few things in common!

Kendall Jones said...

He is seriously SO stinkin' CUTE!!