Meet the Sullivans: Polka Dots Are Everywhere

July 26, 2012

Polka Dots Are Everywhere

Did you watch the special on Mickey Drexler, aka the "King of Retail, aka J. Crew's CEO? It was really neat getting seeing behind the scenes of one of my very favorite brands and also get to take a peak at some of Fall's upcoming trends through the eyes of the company. 

Most exciting discovery? Polka dots will be big this Fall, and they're popping up everywhere! J. Crew has some great options in the youthful print like this top and this sweater and don't forget this blouse.


...being a stay-at-home mom has vastly changed my shopping tendencies. Not the desire to shop, just the behavior. When I was working we had a little more disposable income, and so I felt much less guilty if I indulged in a few pricy pieces here and there. But now with my sweet boy here, and the fact that I do not bring home a pay check, I'm finding ways to still satisfy my desire for beautiful things while not making my poor husband lose his mind, or spend all of Owen's college fund.

Exhibit A: This beautiful navy pleated polka-dot crepe J. Crew skirt. An impractical purchase for a stay-at-home mom who usually just wears a pony tail, t-shirt and yoga pants, but I still adore it none-the-less. The only problem, besides the fact I would get few chances to wear it is the $148 price tag.
Enter Forever 21. The Forever 21 skirt is similar and so close to the beautiful J. Crew version, but only $12.80. Such such such a steal, right? I love when I can find a deal on something I've been wanting or a substitute that satisfies a craving!

Like "the perfect chambray shirt" I'd been searching for that I finally found of way less than what I expected!

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Emily said...

I am definitely in the same boat. Love to shop, but staying at home means finding affordable options. I would love to know where you found your Chambray shirt?? :)