Meet the Sullivans: Scout Shopping Bags

July 2, 2012

Scout Shopping Bags

Have you heard of Scout bags? I hadn't until I opened my Plum District email this morning. **This is not a paid ad or anything!

I like to use re-useable shopping bags at the grocery store, but I'm kind of picky about the ones I buy. I like them to be cute and colorful and fun. Some of them are just not cute, and if I'm going to tote something around a lot I want it to be pretty.

Anyway, there is a great deal on Plum District this morning: for $15 you get $30 to spend on these adorably cute totes, coolers, storage bins, bags, rugs, etc. from Scout!

I went with the Original Dean tote in The Valley print. I can use it for grocery shopping or even the pool! I love discovering new products and deals! Feel free to share something you love in the comments section! 

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Nicole said...

Aw, the Dean tote!