Meet the Sullivans: A Regular Day

August 3, 2012

A Regular Day

Leslie Lambert of Lambert's Lately did a post earlier this week detailing a regular day for her family. I thought this would be a really fun thing to do, since our schedule changes as Owen continues to grow, so I will probably really enjoy reading this post someday.

I titled this post a "Regular Day", but is any day with a baby a "regular day"?

5:00AM Keith gets up for his workout. He's up earlier to make it to a spinning class at the gym.
5:30AM Owen wakes up happy in his crib. I bring him in to our bed to see if he'll fall back asleep, but he's having too much fun to sleep!
5:45AM Change Owen. Make our bed.

6:00AM Head down stairs. We play. I eat breakfast and have my first cup of coffee for the day. We play more. Owen eats some apples.
7:30AM Owen goes down for a nap. I rock him in the rocker as he falls asleep. I check Twitter, Instagram and Facebook after he is asleep in my arms.

7:45AM Keith comes home and gets ready for work.
8:00AM I take a shower, pick up the the house a bit, fold some laundry, read a blog / two and start more laundry.
9:00AM Owen wakes from a longer than usual morning nap (Yay!). We play and spend a little time in the backyard.
10:00AM Owen nurses and we head out to Target to pick up a few things.

11:30AM We return home and Owen is ready for another nap. We walk around the house a bit and put some things away before I bring him up to his room to sleep.
11:45AM Owen falls asleep. While he sleeps I start to prep dinner and eat lunch.

12:28PM Owen is up! He sits in his bouncer while I finish assembling the casserole I'm making for dinner. Then we read books, play some games and he eats a little organic turkey vegetable dinner baby food. He comes with me from room to room as I put away laundry and do little things here and there.

2:30PM Time for another little nap! Owen takes 3-4 short-ish naps a day usually. We rock for a few minutes and he falls right to sleep.

3:00PM He's up again! We play some more and considering going to a walk, but decide to hang around home some more. A package arrives--it's a little treat from GE. They saw a recipe I posted a link to on Twitter and offered to send me a "surprise". They are promoting a healthy living / eating app. Nice, huh!

4:30PM I feed Owen dinner, which is more organic turkey vegetable dinner.

5:00PM Owen is tired again and rubbing his eyes. We read more books in his room and the little sweetie just falls asleep in my arms. I put him down in his crib and go down stairs to eat dinner. 
5:30PM Owen is up and happy! We got out in the front yard and lay on a blanket. Keith pulls up and Owen (and I!) are excited to see him. We catch up and play with a bit Owen.
6:00PM I leave for barre class at the gym. Keith stays with Owen. My friend Jackie and I love this class!
8:00PM I come home and Keith is putting Owen to sleep. I take him and rock him a bit. He falls asleep. I shower and bring my computer to bed to work on a few posts, check Pinterest and respond to an email. Keith reads in bed and we chat before lights out!

Although no one day is the same as another, we generally do most of the same things each day. Owen plays, eats and naps a lot. And I fold laundry, cook and care for Owen each day. Sometimes we throw in a trip to the mall / Target / grocery shopping, Gymboree, a visit with family or friends, swimming, walks / runs, a lunch date or appointments. 

Thanks for stopping by and for taking time to read about our "regular" day! 

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