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August 10, 2012

Dream a Little Dream

Everyone has a dream home, right? Growing up all I really wanted was a happy / healthy family + marriage and a safe warm home for us to live in. While we live in a safe and warm home (which we are so thankful for), we are not homeowners--yet. Living in our area it will probably be a few years before we are homeowners, but in the meantime I love to spend time on Zillow or Redfin "shopping" for homes.

For a long time the American Craftsman houses have been a favorite of mine. I just love their quintessentially American exterior (even though the style originated in England), and swoon over their interiors with their gorgeous handcrafted built-ins and wood work. Other lovely common architectural design features found in American Craftsman homes:

  • Low-pitched roof lines, gabled or hipped roof
  • Deeply overhanging eaves,
  • Exposed rafters or decorative brackets under eaves
  • Front porch beneath extension of main roof
  • Tapered, square columns supporting roof
  • 4-over-1 or 6-over-1 double-hung windows
  • Frank Lloyd Wright design motifs
  • Hand-crafted stone or woodwork
  • Mixed materials throughout structure

A few of my favorites:

I love the beams, built-ins and wainscoting, but would most definitely paint it all white to lighten it up.

These homes can be hard to find, especially if you want it in good condition and don't want to do lots of remodeling. 

The Grand California Hotel in the Disneyland Resort was designed in the American craftsman style. It was actually modeled after the gorgeous Ahwahnee in Yosemite. Keith and I stayed at the Grand Californian on our honeymoon--it combined three of my favorites: craftsman design, Disney and my husband!

Here we are two years ago standing in the lobby as we arrived on our honeymoon! Fun times!

Do you have a favorite style home? Colonial? Post war? Victorian? Modernist? I'd love to hear from you!

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