Meet the Sullivans: Happy Two Years!

August 7, 2012

Happy Two Years!

Has it really been two years?

It has been a fast and eventful 24 months. Filled with joy, sleepless nights, growth, and of course love.

Two years ago we became husband and wife, and we've now added father and mother to our titles.

When I think back on that day I am filled with gratitude. Grateful for the friends and family that celebrated with us. Thankful that my dad was still around. And thankful that God has been so good to us. 

I think of how far we've come. The trials we've experience in these two years and the happiness too--all of which are preparing us for the very long and bright road that lay ahead of us. 

One year ago I was 4 months pregnant with Owen, just beginning to show and finally getting over the morning sickness. We had a great opportunity to buy amazing tickets to a Giant's game, so that is what we did on our anniversary. After the game we went home and tried the top tier of our wedding cake and enjoyed a brand new replica I had made. 

This year we celebrated our anniversary on the Sunday night before the actual date. We went out to dinner at Town while Owen stayed with my mom and sister. 

We had cocktails (passion fruit martini for me and a mojito for him). We each had a warm napa cabbage salad (delicious!!), and each ordered steak (teriyaki skirt steak for me and prime rib for him). They we're so sweet at the restaurant to personalize our menu and give us a decadent dessert of bread pudding. We were stuffed. It was fantastic! 

Afterward we strolled around the street a bit talking and went to Barnes & Noble to browse some books. 

This year we decided to forego giving each other gifts and instead chose something together. The 2nd anniversary is the cotton anniversary, so we bought new bedding. We found exactly what we wanted at West Elm. 

Tonight, in celebration of our marriage, we'll eat dinner quickly while playing with Owen. We'll bathe our boy and read him stories. We'll sit together on the couch after he is in bed and watch one of our DVR'd shows. We'll lay in bed and read or chat before kissing each other good night. It will be a regular night-- really, just what marriage is all about-- and it will be wonderful! 

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