Meet the Sullivans: Menu Monday & the Weekend

August 13, 2012

Menu Monday & the Weekend

This has been one busy weekend! No parties or obligations. Just a lot of fun with family and friends!
 On Friday Owen and I hung out at home in the morning. We went to my mom's house after lunch and just hung out with my mom and sister. My mom is a teacher and starts back at school next week. I'm really really going to miss spending time with her during the week. The bedding we ordered for our anniversary came and I threw it in the wash immediately. Can't wait to put it on our bed! Have you tried Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Powerberries? They are so good. Just a few can satisfy a sweet tooth.  It has been hotter than usual around here during the past week and I've been enjoying my favorite summer drink: Trader Joe's Strawberry Lemonade + a cup full of ice + half a cup of Diet 7up!

Owen has this little toy that sticks to his highchair and it has been such a help during feeding. He spins and plays and opens wide for his next spoonful. It has been distracting him from trying to grab my spoon. I finally wore the bubble necklace I bought on eBay. It took me a while to find the right kind of top to wear it with. Owen thinks it's his new toy. Saturday afternoon we met some friends for the Burlingame Jazz Festival. I bought some infused olive oils I can't wait to try. 
On Sunday we took Owen to the San Francisco 49ers Training Day / Fan Fest. Keith and I have gone in years past when it was at their training facility in Santa Clara. This year they had it at the stadium (which is being torn down). The crowd was huge and kind of rough. Not the same experience it was when it was in Santa Clara. And not family friendly like it was before. I do not think we'll go again. I'm looking froward to the new stadium being built in Santa Clara though! I guess we've just been spoiled with having AT&T Park! 

Today we're heading back up to San Francisco to make a stop at Sports Basement for Keith (and maybe me). Then we're going to have lunch on Crissy Field and enjoy a little stroll with Owen. 

Here is what's on the menu for this week: 

{Clockwise from top left}
P.F. Chang's inspired lettuce wraps. (will share tomorrow!)
Chicken, Brie and Roasted Tomato Sandwiches. here
Sausage Stuffed Zucchini. here
Slow Cooker Meatballs. here
Stuffed Bell Peppers. here

I will be sure to share the outcomes for all these recipes! 

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