Meet the Sullivans: Owen is 7 months!

August 20, 2012

Owen is 7 months!

Dear Owen,

This week you turn 7 months old! This has been a huge month for you in terms of milestones!

-You are crawling! We're baby proofing and we are constantly chasing after you. You can finally get around on your own and this makes you a really happy guy!

-You're pulling up on all the furniture and the walls and the sliding glass door.

-You're kneeling and are really proud of yourself when you balance on your knees.

-You have two teeth! Bottom middles.

-You love to drum your hands on the high chair, the kitchen counter, your changing table or any surface to make drumming noises. I think you learned this in Gymboree.

- Solids have been going well! So far you've tried rice cereal, apples, pears, squash, carrots, sweet potatoes and bananas. I've also bought for you a few baby foods at the store that have meat in them. You've had vegetable turkey dinner and sweet potatoes and chicken dinner. You really like pears and meat baby food the most. You eat twice a day and can eat anywhere from 3 spoonfuls to a whole jar / pod of food depending on your mood and appetite!

-You're napping right now, but when you wake up my plan is to weigh and measure you.

-You fit well into 6-9 months clothes, but I usually dress you in 9 month or 6-12 month clothes since they give you a little more room.

-Sleep: I'm going to be honest, sleep is not your strong suit. You are pretty much only letting me put you to sleep these days. You and I usually pace around your room for a few minutes while I hum you a song. Once you're sleepy I sit in the rocker with you and rock you back and forth until you're fast asleep. Recently you've been waking at least 3 times a night. You usually nurse and go back to sleep right away.

-You take 3-4 naps a day, usually 3. The middle / afternoon nap is usually the longest and on a good day it can last up to 2 hours.

-You babble a lot when you're feeling calm and energized, which is usually right after a nap. You make high pitched squeals, because I think you like to play with your voice and see what it can do. You look really satisfied with yourself when its loud. You can roll your tongue into an O and you like to blow bubbles this way. You say mmm-ba and maaa.

-You are still in love with Rocky, your grandma's dog. Everything he does is fascinating to you.

-Your favorite place to be is outside, especially in the backyard. You like to touch all the plants in our herb garden, help us water with the hose, play with the wind chimes and knock over some of the little things out there and hear them crash to the ground. You're all BOY!

-We've taken you a handful of places.
  • I took you to the grocery store for a full on shopping trip this month. 
  • You sat in the cart and enjoyed checking everyone out as we rode around. 
  • We went to Half Moon Bay and you put your feet in the Pacific Ocean for the first time. 
  • You went to your first sporting event: the San Francisco 49ers Training Day / Fan Fest at Candlestick Park. 
  • We took you to Crissy Field and the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. 
-Wherever we go you are almost always all smiles for the people we see and meet. Sometimes you'll spot someone and give a big smile before they see you're there, so you'll cock your head to the side and pull your head up a bit and smile even more. It's really sweet, just like you!

-You are very curious and observant. You like to watch people, birds, kids and other animals. You check everything out as you crawl around. You have an eye for details! 

You're the sweetest little person, Owen, and we love you so much! I am loving our time together, so much that I often wish I could freeze time or bottle up your cuteness and keep it with me always.



Andrea said...

He is so precious! Love his little smile and bright eyes!

Jess at Just Rainbows and Butterflies said...

He is so stinkin' cute! I love those eyes with his blonde hair! Too precious!

Kendall Jones said...

OMG- too much cuteness - that face!!