Meet the Sullivans: Renting Books for School

August 30, 2012

Renting Books for School

I have been a student for 26 years. I started Kindergarten at the age of 4 (I was an October baby) and I have pretty much never stopped going to school since then.

In all those years of education a large amount of textbooks have passed through my hands. At times in  college I would sometimes need to buy 3-4 books for one class.

Textbooks are so expensive to buy, and I have never had much luck selling them back to the school's book store. I currently have a large stack of books I'm no longer using, would like to get rid of, but can't. I don't want to throw them out, because that would just be wasteful.

Not only do we have my leftover books, but we have Keith's too. And most of the ones from his doctorate studies are massive and weigh a ton. We're swimming in text books over here, people.

I have one more class to take before I'm finished with the course work for my teaching credential. I will surely need at least one or two books for my final course and I don't want to add to my pile of textbooks, so next semester I am going to rent the books I need instead.

I could have easily rented the Guided Reading book above for $33 for the entire semester--less than half of what it cost me to buy it.

Rent Textbooks 

There are quite a few things that make Campus Book Rentals a really great option for your textbook needs:
  • they have nearly every book you could need available for rent,
  • they let you rent for a semester / quarter / your own desired amount of time,  
  • they ship books on time, 
  • they give you a prepaid return envelope to send your books back in, 
  • every rental comes with a 30 day worry free guarantee and a 15 day grace period (so if you drop your class you don't have to worry about the books) 
  • and they pay you for referring friends! 
I really believe renting books is the way to go and wouldn't recommend Campus Book Rentals if I didn't think it was a smart choice. I only wish I'd found out about them sooner! It will also make your home neater and more organized not having all these books laying around like I do.

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