Meet the Sullivans: Welcome Back to School Goodie Bags

August 27, 2012

Welcome Back to School Goodie Bags

This is the first August in the last 5 years that I have not been starting back at school for the beginning of the school year. I love being home with Owen, but a little part of me is missing the excitement of the new school year.

I miss getting my classroom all set up. You can see my room from a few years ago HERE in a post about Kindergarten.

I miss meeting my new students, and introducing them to our routine and classroom.

I miss teaching with a group of kind, resourceful and smart men and women.

I miss the schedule and obligation.

I miss being a part of the school and church community.

Teaching was a great career for me. I just loved everything about it.

My mom is a Catholic school teacher. She taught before my sister and I were born and went back full time after I graduated from high school. She has been teaching the Third Grade for over 9 years. She is the reason I became interested in teaching in the first place.
She has some great ideas in her bag of tricks, and I wanted to share this adorable idea for back to school goodie bags with all of you.

My mom saw this on Really Good Stuff's blog and decided to make them for her students this year. The bags are the creation of Hadar Maor, author of the education blog Miss Kindergarten. If you are an elementary school teacher I highly suggest following Hadar's blog. She has lots of creative & cute ideas.

My mom limited the amount of things in the bags she gave, but below you can find the original list of items and "poem".

Items for goodie bags:
  • clear bag
  • eraser
  • pencil
  • page of stickers
  • puzzle piece
  • bookmark
  • Smarties candy
  • LifeSaver candy
  • Laffy Taffy candy
  • Starburst candy

Each item in the bag has a special meaning. Its a really sweet idea. The little piece of paper in each bag says:

The eraser is to remind you
that it is ok to make mistakes.
We’ll work & learn together,
No matter what it takes.

The pencil represents all the
work that we will do.
It may seem a little tough at first
But we’ll have tons of fun too!

The stickers mean we’ll stick together
and work hard as a team.

The puzzle piece shows how we fit
together, working towards a common theme.

The bookmark is to show you
You always have a place.
If you ever feel a little lost
We’ll help you find your space.

The Smarties are to remind you
how smart I think you are.
Work hard & do your very best
Remember to aim far.

The Lifesaver is to show you that
even if things get rough along the way,
Your friends & I are here to lend a hand each and every day.

The Laffy Taffy is to keep you laughing
as with hard work comes a lot of fun.
Remember to always keep smiling
and in the end we’ll all have won.

The Starburst is to show you
that in my eyes you are a STAR.
Do your best, try your hardest & stay just the way you are! 

It is so important to start the year off on the right foot and I think this ideas is such a nice way to start the year. Happy back-to-school everyone!

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