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September 11, 2012

Around Here Lately

-Keith went to play basketball yesterday afternoon and came home with an injured foot. He went to the hospital to have x-rays. We think he's okay, but considering his occupation he needed to make sure. Praying that nothing is broken. We'll hear from the doctor this morning.

-We bought this little cutie another toy / baby gear item. He's cruising now and loves to pull up on anything he can, so this is a fun toy for him. Am I kidding myself when I think he'll tire of it less quickly than all the other baby gear items we've recently packed away?

-I got myself hooked on International Delight's Coldstone Sweet Cream coffee creamer. It is really the greatest creamer I've ever tasted. But now that I'm hooked my Safeway is no longer carrying it--or hasn't for the last few weeks. I can't find it at Target either.

-Last week we fed Owen sweet potatoes with cinnamon, which he loved, (this was his third time having them) but he had some sort of reaction to them. Nothing bad or too scary, just some blotchy redness on his cheeks. I took him to see his doctor the next day and he thinks its just a contact irritation and not an allergy. He suggested we just keep it off his cheeks when he eats them. Trouble is Owen prefers to feed himself, so dinner is really pretty uncontrollably messy these days.

-Speaking of coffee. Pumpkin Spice lattes are back at Starbucks. Hooray! I had two last week in a matter of days! At this rate I'll be sick of them before Fall is really here.

-There are about a million dvd's in this house. Okay, maybe not a million. Probably closer to 300. I know, it's nuts and the situation is out of control. In an effort to make more space I've been dying to organize / catalog / consolidate them into these disc binders sold at Target. I've finally received the "okay", so I'm ordering three binders. Each one holds 208 discs. I'm going to break them down by genre. This sounds like hell to some, but to me it is SO MUCH FUN! Call me crazy.

-We had friends over to watch football on Sunday and I made a few things that turned out really great. Including these amazing s'mores cupcakes. Recipe coming your way soon!

-Owen is happy to wear a hat and will leave it on his head for as long as we keep it there. I wonder how long that will last? He looks so darn cute in a hat!

-This was sunset sometime last week. I didn't see it in person, as I was putting Owen down for the night, but Keith snapped this picture to share with me. What a beautiful world.
Happy Tuesday!

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