Meet the Sullivans: My 5 Favorite Slow Cooker Dinners

September 10, 2012

My 5 Favorite Slow Cooker Dinners

I'm just such a huge fan of my slow cooker. We registered for the DeLonghi Stainless-Steel Programmable 5-Quart Slow Cooker at Crate & Barrel for our wedding and it is THE most used gift we've ever received. I like that our slow cooker has a stylish ceramic insert that makes using it for entertaining easy and hassle free. No need to transfer to a serving dish. I really appreciate the simplicity of cooking with a slow cooker--that is why I've compiled a list of my five favorite slow cooker dinners! 

These dinners are easy, fairly healthy and do not taste like a slow cooker meal! 

This is by far the easiest dinner! All you do is put frozen chicken breasts (when you slow cook chicken and want to make shredded chicken it is best to cook it from frozen) in the slow cooker, pour on some barbecue sauce and set your slow cooker on low. That's it! You can use this chicken on pizza or in a sandwich. 

Simple enough to throw together in the morning and if you double it you can freeze some for a rainy day! 

This soup is so deceiving--you wouldn't believe it was made in a slow cooker with so few ingredients. It tastes just like Nordstrom's tomato bisque! 

There is literally no chopping, peeling or dicing for this beef stew. Gnocchi is used instead of russet potatoes. Such a neat twist on the traditional stew! 

These meatballs are the newest addition to my list of go to easy meals. You could serve them with pasta, on a bed of ricotta or even in a sandwich. These freeze well too! 
I'm always looking for new semi-healthy and simple slow cooker dinners to add to my repertoire, so please share your's with us in the comment section!  

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Natasha said...

SO SO glad you posted these...i am in love with my crock pot and use it all the time, but haven't tried any of these yet! thanks friend