Meet the Sullivans: Orange you glad it's Friday?

September 21, 2012

Orange you glad it's Friday?

Goodbye Summer! Fall will been here tomorrow, officially.

There is something about Fall that just makes me want to buy and wear lovely things in orange. Orange is Fall's color, after all!

Did you know that Tangerine Tango, which is essentially orange, was voted Panatone's Color of the year? It is really a great Summer or Fall color.

While doing my favorite past time, browsing online shops, I can't help but bookmark all things orange! 


Now, I know it would look totally silly (and a lot like a pumpkin) if someone were to wear all this orange at once. But a little pop of the Fall color here and there fits right in with the cooler weather, pumpkin scented everything and the fun of Fall. 


Courtney Byrne said...

I am hooked on orange - more this fall than ever before! I just decided we need some orange pillows in our family room!

Colleen Sullivan said...

Me too! Must be all the orange that's been around all Summer too.