Meet the Sullivans: 'round here lately

September 28, 2012

'round here lately

Has it been a while since I've written one of these? I feel like it has, but maybe not?

In no particular order...

I'm almost done with my chevron pumpkins. Checking that off my Fall To Do list!  

I bought a second baby book this week. It's okay for one baby to have two baby books, right?
Although I am usually loyal to OPI I tried some of the Essie Fall 2012 colors at Target yesterday. I could not decide which one to buy, so I came home without one. I tried on skirting the issue, recessionista and miss fancy pants.

Did you read the Harry Potter books? I did not, but I know J.K. Rowling is a great writer, so I'm wondering if her new book (which is for "adults") will be any good?

Keith's mom watched Owen for us last Saturday night so we could go to dinner (!!) and a movie (!!!). We've done dinner, and we've done a movie, but not in one night since Owen was born. It was like old times! Dinner and a movie was just a regular Friday or Saturday date night and now it's a REAL treat! We had cocktails (a beer for him and a blood orange drop for me) + dinner at King Fish (Keith had jambalaya and I had the best risotto). We saw The Bourne Legacy. It was really good!

We now have some beautiful mums on the front porch!

My iPhone5 arrived this week and I am LOVING it! The camera is just worlds and worlds better than the one on my 3Gs. Now I need to get a case for it, but it looks as though they haven't made any yet? Hm.

This cutie is teething. Badly. He is getting a top tooth and it has majorly messed up his sleeping at night. On Tuesday night he was up at 10:30, 11:30, 2:30 and from 3:30-5. Ugh. I am hoping that tooth cuts through and this will be over soon!

Have you tried the Thomas' Pumpkin Spice Bagels? They are gooood. They don't taste too much like pumpkin, which is good in my book. They also make pumpkin spice english muffins and bagel thins too!

AND, I was able to find my favorite coffee creamer (International Delights Coldstone Sweet Cream) at Target too! I also had to pick up the Pumpkin Spice Flavor. Keith would love the S'mores flavor--if he ever tried anything but nothing in his coffee.

AP from ILYMTC posted on Instagram about this app and I had to get it. Its an app that uploads all of your Instagram photos and then you can order them as 4x4s! If you're looking for some other great apps check out Nina's post on her Favorite Apps for Busy People

I can't wait to have my hair done on Saturday. I'm just having it colored, since I want to chop it, but I'd like for it to be long in our family photos we're taking this weekend! (!!!!)

And last but not least, how much does this boy love his daddy? Our favorite part of the day is when Dada comes home to play! ...after changing out of those scrubs and washing his hands thoroughly of course!

Thank goodness it's Friday, friends! 


Brittney said...

Thanks for the tip on the postal pix app. Have you tried postagram? It turns your instagram pics into postcards you can mail to friends/family. I'm obsessed.

Andrea said...

Love all of these pics! I am going to follow you on IG too! (I'm the_blonde_ambitions). Owen is getting so big and is just adorable :) I love your chevron pumpkin, I think I might need to try this too. I have to try those bagels, they sound delicious!

I have a giveaway right now for a great statement necklace, hope you will stop by!

Have a great weekend Colleen!

Colleen Sullivan said...

Britney: No, I have tried that app but I am going to check it out! It sounds SO cute!

Andres: Thanks! I will stop by and enter!!

Jess at Just Rainbows and Butterflies said...

Aw, little Owen is just the cutest! Life has been crazy lately, so I feel like I've been so out of to the loop on my favorite blog reads. Glad I could finally catch up on yours! :)

Can't wait to see your family pics!