Meet the Sullivans: The Best Jeans I've Ever Owned

September 27, 2012

The Best Jeans I've Ever Owned

I cannot contain my elation. I am in love with my new jeans.

I saw someone on Instagram post a picture about these skinny jeans from Ann Taylor LOFT last week and how amazing they were. I can't remember who it was and can't seem to find them in my feed. Was it you?

Side note: Are you on Instagram? It's so fun. I'm @meetthesullivans if you'd like to follow me! 

I can never find pants that fit my waist, are the correct length and are spacious through the hips and thighs.  I have the worst time finding pants, especially jeans.

Ever since skinny jeans became popular I've had pretty much NO luck finding a pair that fit me right. They always seem too tight, uncomfortable and binding.

In my newly acquired "mom style" (read: comfortable, reasonably priced and durable) I need to be able to lift a 20+ pound baby and a car seat, bend in and out of the car, get on the floor to play and then go out in public in those very same clothes. Like I said before, comfort and durability are a must, but so is style!

SO, anyway. I tried these on this weekend and oh. my. goodness. I am so glad I did. They fit perfectly (everywhere), the length is just right, and most importantly they are comfortable. If you're like me, either a mom or a woman with an "athletic" / "fuller" lower body (I sometimes refer to my thighs as chunk legs--there, I said it), you will LOVE these jeans. And they're less expensive (just $69.50) than your standard name brand Sevens or Joe's or Citizens or whatever expensive brand.

I think I want need them in every color. For my next pair I'll opt for the color pop jeans in deep raisin.


Lauren | Seventeenth & Irving said...

I'll have to try these out! I too, have a hard time finding jeans that fit my "athletic" thighs. Thanks for sharing a great find!

Andrea said...

I have the same type of problem with skinny jeans but these Loft skinnies are great! I bought the dark denim and red and definitely want more too! Love your leopard flats too!