Meet the Sullivans: 31 Days of Our Daybook: Achoo.

October 4, 2012

31 Days of Our Daybook: Achoo.

This morning when I woke up I was stuffed up and feeling pretty sick. This cold I now know I have came out of now where and I'm really hoping Owen doesn't get it.

Today we skipped Gymboree class, because I wouldn't dare risk getting anyone else sick by going. Instead we made a quick trip to run some errands. We bought a birthday gift for a good friend who is turning 2 and a few other essentials at Target. I'm on the hunt for the perfect "work bench" for Owen--complete with a squeaky hammer.

We came home and Owen took a long nap while my sister Kath and I watched 666 Park Avenue. Are you watching 666 Park Avenue? It is pretty spooky and plenty mysterious. I'm hoping to get Keith to watch it with me!

We played outside a bit and then I put dinner together before my sister left. I'm telling you, having that extra set of hands to help keep an eye on Owen is so helpful, especially when I'm feeling so yucky. Kath left and soon after Owen went down for a quick evening nap.

When Keith came home (!!!) he played with the little man while I got the table set and put dinner out. We usually eat dinner in the dinning room (with the television off), but the Presidential debates were on, so we watched it from the kitchen table while we had dinner.

After dinner we played some more and I walked around with his stand-behind walker. I am so amazed every time I see him walking with that thing. I'm still afraid he is going to fall over, but he is so fearless and proud with that toy. I made some pumpkin chocolate chip muffins and then put Owen down to sleep.

Keith and I watched Sons of Anarchy, which is getting a little ridiculous these days, and then I went up to bed!

Good night!

This is Day Three of 31 Days of Our Daybook.

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