Meet the Sullivans: 31 Days of Our Daybook: My Son the Herbivore

October 10, 2012

31 Days of Our Daybook: My Son the Herbivore

Some mornings start off so well! While Owen isn't sleeping any extra at night, he has been sleeping in later for the last few mornings. On Tuesday morning he slept until 7:30 (!) which allowed me to shower, get dressed, make the bed, have coffee and breakfast and even dry my hair. This also freed up some time for me in the morning while he took his nap. I could get used to this!

After Owen woke up from his nap we ventured out to the park to meet our friends from our playgroup. We had all planned on meeting at the library for story hour, but almost all the babies slept straight through. We sat on picnic blankets with the babies and chatted. Of course my child is the only one who wants to crawl all over the wet lawn eating mushy leaves. Of course. Of course. He IS a boy, right?

I actually got three naps out of that cutie pie too!

Auntie KC came over late in the afternoon to hang out and stayed for dinner. I made fajitas. We're big on Mexican food, my sister and I. I was great and pretty healthy too. I'm trying to make some better choices for my family in terms of dinner and food options. I always  cook fresh food, but I want to step it up a bit. I want Owen to know that nutrition is important in our family, and so is living a healthy lifestyle.

Owen had avocado for dinner, which may be the only thing he still lets me feed him from a spoon. He also enjoyed some sweet potato puffs too. He loves those.

After dinner it was bath time for Superbaby. He was covered in avocado, or should I call it guacamole since it was so mashed up?

Speaking of Superbaby...I've spent a lot of time today thinking of what Owen should be for Halloween? and still haven't landed on a decision.

Also, Keith might have a little change at work, but we want to make sure its set before sharing, but we're excited!!

After getting that cutie down for a nap Keith and I watched Boardwalk Empire. Anyone else into that show? I've always like time period shows and movies. It feels like taking a trip back in time and I like to think of what life for my ancestors was like during that time. We sort of feel like they don't know what to do with the characters this season and as just making up random story lines. I'm interested to see where this season takes us.

This is Day Nine of 31 Days of Our Daybook.

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