Meet the Sullivans: 31 Days of Our Daybook: Sweet Sweat

October 12, 2012

31 Days of Our Daybook: Sweet Sweat

Today was a fun day for us. Owen and I went to the gym together after his morning nap. This was the very first time I left him with someone other than family, and I was pretty nervous going into it the whole time. I didn't know if he would be happy or have separation anxiety and I didn't know if I would feel comfortable leaving him.

Our gym is great. It's clean, new, huge and the people there are so nice and helpful. The women working in the child care assured me Owen would be just fine, and he was. My sister met us at the gym, so she and I got to get our workout in together. I was telling her when we were cooling down that this is exactly what I thought being a stay-at-home mom would be like... only took me 8 3/4 months to actually make it happen.

I am so happy to be able to have another way to work out during the week without having to go to the gym at night after Keith gets home. And I really am excited to have another thing for Owen and I to do that will get us out of the house when the weather gets bad. There is only so much shopping we can do!

After showering and picking up my little guy from child watch we said good-bye to Aunt KC and headed home. Owen went down for a nap and I got to watch the end of the Giants game. The tension was crazy. I was on the edge of my seat waiting for that last strike that would send the Giants to the NLCS. It's Orange October again, my friends! Owen wore his Posey t-shirt all day long.

Owen helped me bake some Pumpkin Pomegrante muffins in the afternoon. Please note that by "helped" I mean he crawled around on the kitchen floor pulling out all sorts of fun stuff from the cabinets. He had fun rolling around a plastic can of peanuts (sealed tightly), a large plastic bowl, a baby brush and a 6-cup muffin tin. Seriously need to get KS to put those child proof latches on all the cabinets.

When Keith came home we fed O, gave him and quick bath and put him to bed. He was really fighting it tonight. I think he was over tired because he skipped his evening nap today.

Here's to hoping that missed nap turns into a extra long night of sleep for us all.

Keith and I ate dinner on the couch in front of the tv. (gasp) Modern Family was extra long and extra funny this week. I'm so thankful for such a funny show.

I wrapped up the night with a little blogging and some menu planning while Keith did some studying for his new position in out-patient PT! (Hooray!!!) We've been waiting for this for quite some time! Being in the hospital meant Keith worked Tuesday-Saturday, which has been a pain as far as getting away for the weekend, going to family / friend gatherings and just having a normal weekend. Not to mention how much more physically difficult it has been for Keith to be in the hospital lifting people etc. He'll still be on Saturdays for a little while, but they've promised its temporary!

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