Meet the Sullivans: 31 Days of Our Daybook

October 2, 2012

31 Days of Our Daybook

Being Monday Keith was home with us today. We love when we're all home together. Keith worked out and I did the grocery shopping. 

In the afternoon we took Owen to Gymboree. When we came home O finally went down for a nap and we discussed how our boy seems to really stand out in the class. He's loud, he's on the move and nothing gets past him. We are in agreement that he will definitely be needing extra physical exercise, entertainment and stimulation to stay out of trouble. 

I think we'll have our hands full with this active baby boy. 

We spent the afternoon playing and doing chores. 

For dinner we had pork chops and salad.

This post is Day One of 31 Days of Our Daybook

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