Meet the Sullivans: 31 Days of Our Daybook: It's like groundhog day here

October 6, 2012

31 Days of Our Daybook: It's like groundhog day here

I'm starting to feel a little like a broken record here.

This week has been less than eventful thanks to my little cold. I just don't feel like getting out much besides my (self imposed) mandatory trip put of the house daily. And I haven't cooked anything interesting or done much around the house this week other than the bare minimum. When I'm sick I just try to get through each day without feeling sicker than I did when it started.

Owen did not sleep well last night, which just intensified the headache I already had. I really did not want to get out of bed this morning. This morning my sweet little boy was the only reason I wanted to get out of bed (those dimples, the swish swish of that diaper booty, the adorable way he shakes his head "no" without even being asked a question) and he was, ironically, the reason I wanted to stay in bed (the heavy lifting, the endless crawling up the stairs to try and find his Dada who is not home, the wrestling match that is a diaper change).

We made it out of the house once to the mall just for a change of scenery and to walk around for a bit. I looked everywhere for a leopard scarf, but had no luck. We went up and down almost every elevator in the mall just so I could see Owen's delight during the ride. I don't think that will ever get old to me!

I tried to nap during each one of O's naps today but was never able to fall asleep. I had no energy to cook dinner so Keith picked up dinner on his way home. We just had soup and sandwiches.

After dinner we played with Owen for a little while--this is probably all of our favorite time of day!

Are you getting bored with this? I'm sorry. This is really what the week has been like. I promise that when I'm feeling better we'll be stepping it up a bit. Being housebound has made me think of a ton of stuff I want to do when I don't need to spend nap time napping or resting too.

This is Day Five in 31 Days of our Daybook.

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