Meet the Sullivans: Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival

October 16, 2012

Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival

Over the weekend we took Owen to Half Moon Bay for the Pumpkin Festival. Keith and I go every year and follow it up with a stop at Pastorino Farms.

Last year I spent the entire time thinking about what it would be like when we took our little baby the next year. Owen was really so good the whole day! He loves to check out everything around him and smile at all the people. He even got to try some pumpkin pancakes!

We had breakfast and coffee first and then walked around looking at some of the booths. Most of them weren't open yet at 8:30, but by the time we made a few laps around most of them were ready.

We were able to find the booth where I've been buying the blown glass pumpkins I've been collecting. In my opinion Totally Blown Glassworks makes the most beautiful and unique pumpkins. They come all the way from Seattle for the festival and I hope they keep coming back year after year. This year I added a blue and aqua pumpkin to my collection.

The Half Moon Bay brewery had a booth this year and they were selling a Pumpkin Ale, which Keith said was really good.

After taking in the festival we drove over to the pumpkin farm to pick out our pumpkins. Owen was amazed by all the pumpkins and hay.

I had to share this picture. In my mind, when I imagined taking Owen to the pumpkin farm and taking his picture with pumpkins, I pictured our sweet baby boy sitting happily on or near a few orange pumpkins and gourds.

Well, well, well. If you have children you know that the picture in our minds never quite measures up to the reality. Owen had hay and dirt in this hands, on his shirt and on his face. He may have even gotten a little dirt in his mouth. That's the reality, friends, and it's just fine!

Aren't these pretty? They creeped Keith out for some reason.

Our pumpkins.

This is the trip home. Owen likes to do this thing where he holds his cup above his head with both hands. He is so impressed with himself when he does this. It's adorable.

I would say this is the first of quite a few holiday traditions Keith and I have that we've now been able to include Owen in. It's definitely a little more challenging with a baby (of course!), but much more exciting to experience it all with him!


Jen said...

How cute is Owen?! Seriously those smiles!!

Emily said...

Such a fun tradition! I love Owen's shirt, my Owen has one just like that! He is just too stinkin cute! Love the cup over the head! You are right, not always exactly like you imagine, but so much better!