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October 2, 2012

Here's My Card

Mommy cards. Do you know what they are? I didn't, really.

They are something that never occurred to me to use for myself, but make complete sense to me now.

I recently met another mom in Owen's Gymboree class who invited us to the playgroup she goes to. It's actually through the San Mateo Mother's Club, which I'm a member of, but besides bringing dinner to one family I haven't made the effort to participate in any other club activities.

Anyway, back to my point...

After we chatted for a minute she gave me one of her Mommy Cards as we said goodbye. When you're balancing a wiggly baby on your hip, carrying a diaper bag, and maybe even a purse, and who knows what else, it could be really challenging to exchange information. These could also be great to give to a potential or existing sitter.
It was so easy to get in touch with that other mom all because of that cute little 3.5x2inch card. I knew then that I really wanted some of these for myself. So after a quick internet search I decided I liked the options on the Tiny Prints site the most.

The greatest thing is that through my search I also discovered that Costco and Tiny Prints have developed a partnership and Costco members get a 20% discount off ALL Tiny Prints orders plus free shipping on all orders of $59. Awesome, right?!!

I can't decide which design I like the most. Which is your favorite?

I was NOT paid or rewarded for writing this post. It is just a great idea & deal I wanted to share with all of my readers!

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