Meet the Sullivans: Owen is 9 Months!

October 19, 2012

Owen is 9 Months!

Dear Owen,

You are such a sweet little angel and each day you make us fall more and more in love with you!

You have been standing on your own for a few moments at a time without holding on to anything. You know just how to slowly lower yourself to the ground safely too.

You've made some new friends this month at Gymboree and in our playgroup. Just this week during parachute / bubble time I sat you down in front of me and you crawled away to the other side of the parachute to watch the teach blow the bubbles. I think you wanted a better view. You were so independent and confident.

Your top left tooth has come through, and it looks like there might be three other top row teeth in the works.

You can climb the stairs like it is no big deal. If we leave the door to the entryway open you crawl toward the stairs as fast as your little body will take you. You think it is so funny to race off toward them!

You like to "help" me vacuum by pushing the caboose.

You are a serious little dancer! You bounce to the music in the grocery store while you ride in the cart, you bounce while I read "The Wheels on the Bus" to you and whenever you hear music.

You have started to wave a bit and high-five.

Just a few weeks ago I started taking you to the child care at our gym. You don't love it, but you calm down after a few minutes of being in there with the other kids. Mommy is so thankful to get some regular exercise.

You have learned to shake your head as if you're saying "no". You seem to sort of understand what it means when you do it because you shake your head when we offer you food and you don't want any more. But, you also shake your head randomly while crawling, being pushed in your stroller, etc. I wonder what's going through your mind when you do that.

You are doing a great job at drinking water out of your sippy cup. You would love to drink water all day long if you could, but I'm afraid it will fill you up without giving you enough calories.

You've dropped your evening nap, so that leaves us with just your morning nap (about 2 hours after you've been wake) and your afternoon nap. We hoped this would result in your sleep better at night, but it hasn't seemed to help much.

Speaking of sleeping at night... Typically you wake up 2-3 times and are up for the day before 7pm.

You nurse about every three hours and we supplement with formula if I feel like you need more or if I am out of the house and not available to nurse you.

You've been refusing purees for a while now, so we've moved on to mushed and soft finger foods. This month you've been eating avocado, well cooked pasta, sweet potatoes, smashed black beans, turkey meatballs, oatmeal, organic puffs, baked apples and yogurt.

You wear mainly 6-12 or 12-18 month clothes and are wearing size 3 diapers.

Thank you for just being you, Owen! You have the sweetest personality and always have a smile for everyone you see (even if you're tired, hungry, antsy). We are so proud to be your parents. We feel infinitely blessed to call you our son, Big Boy!

Love, Mommy

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Erica said...

What a little doll!! My little guy is 9 months. How old was your babe when he refused puréed food and how did he do it? My boy still eats mostly puréed food. We are just starting with finger foods but he gags at everything!