Meet the Sullivans: Weekend Reading

October 7, 2012

Weekend Reading

The weekend has been good to us so far. I'm still a tad under the weather, but feeling so much better than yesterday. Today we went for a morning walk to get breakfast at Starbucks, I ran errands ad now we're watching the Niners.

There have been a lot of great blog posts this week on some of my favorite blogs to read, so today I'd like to share with you my favorites.

These are the ones that spoke to me the most, made me laugh and literally read my mind.

How Clean is Your House by Spice and Sass
Sitting in Silence with Coffee and My Computer by According to Nina
What I Wish Someone Told Me Before Having Kids by ILYMTC
A Boy Thing by I Pick Pretty
I've Prayed for This by ILYMTC

1 comment:

NsarkiM said...

Thanks for sharing!! Loved all those posts - the last on especially was a good reminder of how short this time is...