Meet the Sullivans: Weekend Reading

October 28, 2012

Weekend Reading

These are a handful of my favorite posts this week. The hit home and stopped me in my tracks by being so truthful, interesting and for reading my mind. I hope you'll kick back with some coffee (or wine!) and enjoy them!

The Happiness Project by Hello! Happiness
On Blogging, Judgement, The Un-Blogger, and Why I Blog by ILYMTC
Because I Can't Get This Back by The Blue-Eyed Bride

In other news...

Today I turn 31. Yikes! I'm starting feel the effects of my "birthday weekend" already from the lunch with my mom and sister yesterday, pumpkin spice lattes yesterday and today, cakes and cupcakes last night and lychee fro-yo yesterday afternoon. I'm enjoying all the birthday sweetness to the max, you could say.

Today I'll be spending the day with my boys, and I'll be escaping for a few hours for a mani pedi all by myself. And I'm really really really hoping the Giants can bring home a win today and win the World Series. What an awesome birthday gift that would be!

Happy weekend, friends!

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