Meet the Sullivans: You Know You're a New Mom When...

October 23, 2012

You Know You're a New Mom When... take your otherwise healthy happy baby, who is bright eyed and in very good spirits to the doctor two days in a row. You take him to the doctor two days in a row because the first doctor saying your baby who is occasionally gasping (especially when excited, crying or laughing) is "just fine" is just not good enough. You need a second opinion, of course.

In our defense, we are new parents and Owen has never been sick, so we don't yet know what illness will look like on him. And we're probably a little paranoid. Keith has exercise induced asthma, so we're very aware of O's breathing--really, what parent wouldn't be concerned when their child's breathing is irregular?

The first doctor checked his oxygen levels, ears, nose, throat and did a little exam. He concluded that our robust boy (his words, not mine) is absolutely fine.

The second doctor, a pediatrician in our pediatric group, check all the same vitals and concluded the same. She also pointed out Owen's humor and suggested that it is just a new noise he's learned to make to get attention and be funny. He's a real comedian, this kid. We were advised that if no other symptoms revealed themselves that he is totally fine.

I'm happy to report that O has been breathing normally all afternoon.

I guess I can also say You Know You're a New Mom When...your baby pulls a prank on you and makes your think he's dying because he can't breath but he is actually totally fine and just thinks it would be funny if you had to drag him to the doctor two days in a row.

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Julie Rogers said...

Haha---glad he is okay! I remember those days---now with two, I put off doctor's visits until we have to go!