Meet the Sullivans: Christmas. I'm Impatiently Waiting.

November 11, 2012

Christmas. I'm Impatiently Waiting.

I am very impatiently waiting to see the results of our family photo session. Our photographer is amazing and does absolutely beautiful work so I am just on the edge of my seat waiting to see what she has in store for us. I'm so excited to have them so I can order our Christmas cards and hopefully mail them out the day after Thanksgiving (in a perfect world that would actually happen).

Last year we forewent sending out Christmas cards. I was incredibly pregnant and tired. I was wrapping up my time as a teacher, all while keeping up with the holidays and preparing for Baby Sullivan.

The last time we sent a Christmas card we had just gotten married. This was our 2010 Christmas card. It seems like lots has changed since then, and it has! We have Owen now and feel like a real family. I'm so excited to send out a family card this year.

While I wait for our photos I've been clicking around trying to decide on what card will be THE card for us this year. Which one do you like best?

Do you have a favorite? The second one can be an ornament, which I think is really cute! I guess our photos will help me make my final decision because the design all depends on which pictures we pick! 

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