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November 28, 2012


A quick nap time stream of conscious post with photos from my Instagram.

I've been enjoying the holiday / Christmas issues of all my favorite magazines. I'm always SO excited to see what Food Network magazine and Southern Living have in store for us. Have I mentioned I am unsubscribing from my former love, Cooking Light magazine? I've just fallen out of love due to their recipe choices. They're just not doin' it for me anymore.

I placed our order for Christmas cards from Tiny Prints this weekend. I'm so excited! I've always dreamed of the day I would be sending out a family Christmas card and it's here. Remember when I shared with you all the designs I liked for our cards? Well, I didn't even end up picking one of those. Ha!

What do you think of my new design? It's a pre-made design from Designer Blogs. I'm really happy with it. I tried so hard to do-it-myself and learn more about HTML and all that, but what I ended up with looked incredibly amateur. No surprise, right? I'm going to let the professionals handle it from now on.

Our tree is up! We went to the tree far, per usual, the day after Thanksgiving. {expect a post about that tomorrow!) Owen is not nearly as interested in it as I thought he'd be, but he is WAY into the cords of lights.

Owen got to meet Santa TWICE over the Thanksgiving holiday. Once at the tree farm and once when we took him to the mall to have his photo taken. We are all surprised by how well he did! Just look at that smile!!

These are really, really good. Have you tried them? You should. I think I finished almost the entire box all on my own. Yikes.

The stockings have been hung! Owen got his very own personalized stocking from Pottery Barn Kids.

We've finally figured out something that seems to be working and is keeping Owen away from all the boxes (xbox, kinect, dvd player, surround sound, cable box, etc) under the television. Keith and I went to Home Depot over the weekend with only an idea in mind. We walked up and down the aisles and ended finding a piece of what should be a shelving unit and some clamps. Whatever works, right?

That is most of what is going on with us lately. How about you? Have you decorated for Christmas?

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Julie Rogers said...

OMG---I LOVE those Trader Joes cookies, I just bought my first box and am going to have to restrain from heading back there too often:)