Meet the Sullivans: monkeying around

November 27, 2012

monkeying around

My baby boy is a monkey. We've known this for a while. As soon as he discovered his feet he was trying to get them in his mouth, and he often grabs one foot with each hand and makes a high V with his legs when he's riding in his carseat.

He is so silly and it's one of the many, many reasons I love him so. His newest silly baby trick is standing on his head!
I'm not sure when or how he discovered he could do this, but I believe he does it because it is fun to look at the room upside down. I don't blame him--it is kind of fun! Go try it for yourself if you don't believe me.

I noticed today its become a ritual for him to crawl over to the spot where the kitchen tile reaches the dining room carpet and stand on his head with his head in the dining room and his feet in the kitchen. He's been doing it after breakfast and lunch and dinner right after I release him from his highchair. Does he do it because I'm usually in the kitchen cleaning up after his meals? I'm not sure, but it sure does get my attention.

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