Meet the Sullivans: Owen is 10 months!

November 19, 2012

Owen is 10 months!

Dear Owen,

This week you turn 10 months old!! I can't believe you're just two months away from being one year old. I've already begun to plan your birthday party!

You're walking. I can't even believe it. Your Aunt Kelly called it! She said you would be an early walker, and you are. It really started last week when you walked from the kitchen cabinets to me Monday morning. I'm so happy Daddy was there to witness it. We have you on video laughing as you walk because you're just so excited.

You've moved up to Level Three at Gymboree. We'll miss the friends you've made in Level Two until we get to see them again when they all turn 10 months too. There are so many walking babies in Level Three, so I think it will be extra motivation for you to keep walking!

This month you've started clapping your hands (mostly with your fists) and waving to people to say "hello". It's very sweet!

You're still really into dancing to music when you "feel the grove" hahah. We love watching you bounce to music and clap your hands. It is one of my favorite things.

You have been great at sharing. You always offer the toy you're playing with to other babies (and sometimes adults), although you usually steal it back after a minute or too. You also like to share your Cheerios and other foods with us.

You've discovered that you can feed Rocky from your highchair while you eat. It's usually one for you and two for him!

You are becoming a great eater, although you aren't loving vegetables in solid form. Breakfast last week was pumpkin toast with butter, yogurt and a few sips of apple sauce from a pouch. Lunch is often mac n cheese, cheese and Cheerios. For dinner I try to give you some of what we're having, but if its not something you can have or would like I offer you an organic chicken meatball...which you are always happy to eat!

Your laugh has turned into a chuckle. You laugh more and more each week. Eventually I think you're laughing will be uncontrollable.

Sleep is still not a priority to you. You nap twice a day (late morning and early afternoon) for anywhere from 30-120minutes. I can never tell how long you'll be down. Night time is still hit or miss. There were a few nights this month when you gave me a 6 hour stretch, but most nights you're put 2-3 times.

You are wearing size 3 diapers, but this will be our last box before moving up a size.

You wear mainly 12-18 month clothes, but can still wear some 6-12 month things we've already had.

You had your first kiss at Gymboree in Saturday! You and a little girl close to your age were playing on the equipment and with one of the bells that had hooked up. She started petting your hair on the back of your head and then went in for a kiss on the cheek. You smiled at her and kind of squealed with delight. Her parents and I thought it was the sweetest cutest little thing. And then she did it again! haha

A year ago I had no idea how much love my heart could be filled with, and I had no clue how valuable sleep was! You're the funniest and funnest person I know. You're sweet beyond description and you're my best little buddy.

I love you!

xoxox, Mommy


Anonymous said...

Did you buy the chicken meatballs somewhere, or did you make your own batch? I am struggling to find easy, ready-to-go proteins for my little one!

Colleen Sullivan said...

I bought them at Costco! We also sometimes make them too, which he loves, but these are my go to protein for him since I know he loves them and they are easy.