Meet the Sullivans: Owen meets Santa

November 30, 2012

Owen meets Santa

I hope you're not getting tired of seeing pictures of my adorable little baby boy, because I'm pretty sure there are tons more coming your way in the next few weeks! Christmastime is pretty much our favorite time of the year, so we are SO excited to be sharing Owen's First Christmas with him!

Owen met Santa at the Tree Farm the day after Thanksgiving and it went so well. We weren't sure this meeting would go as well, as the decor and overall setting is a little more intimidating, but these two hit it off once again! 

Maybe Keith and I are a little bias, but we think this might be the happiest / most adorable picture with Santa anyone's ever seen. How content and confident does that kid look sitting on jolly old Saint Nick's lap? It's like he knows how cool Santa is already and isn't scared at all. We'll see how next year goes though!

Owen asked for a new Maclaren umbrella stroller (DONE!) (just kidding, that one is for mommy!), some toys, a puppy, keys to dad's car, and extra milk. His grandma thinks he needs an iPad, but I think that would be a little much for someone who is only 10 1/2 months old, no? I mean, I don't even have an iPad.

Seriously though, you can expect to see Owen's Christmas list next week, in case you were wondering!

You know my first thought on seeing these photos this afternoon as I write this post? That kid needs some shoes. Earlier this week we got him some, so you can expect a post on that too very soon.


Tickled Pink Mandy said...

What adorable pictures! Love his outfit too!!

natasha {schue love} said...

Oh my goodness! What adorable pictures!! So glad to meet another new mom blogger!! :)

Anonymous said...

He's so sweet! I am looking forward to seeing his list..I have no idea what to get a 10 month old for Christmas!

Sara McCarty said...

Love love love love! I cannot wait to take Mac to meet Santa! Owen was a rockstar! He handled that so well! I hope Mac does well too. However, I secretly also LOVE those photos of the children having meltdowns on Santa's lap too. So funny. We'll see how he does - either way should be fun.