Meet the Sullivans: Rawrrrrrr!

November 1, 2012


We had a nice quick Halloween. I say "quick" because we only took Owen to two houses in our neighborhood before he deemed it time to go home.

He looked so adorable and not at all fierce in his lion costume. He did fit the bill as a "wild" animal though, he was sure wiggly and talkative, per his usual.

Please ignore my lack of make-up, cute clothes or styled hair and instead concentrate on my adorable and handsome family. 

Since it was early when we went, we only spotted one pack of trick-or-treaters out and the parents were dressed to the nines as a panda and Minnie Mouse. Surprisingly, O was not frightened at all. I think he wanted to grab at them.

After our quick little jaunt up the street we came home and got that cutie ready for bed. He was exhausted by 7pm, having been up since 3 o'clock. After he was down Keith and I finally ate dinner and got to relax a bit. 

We didn't have too many trick-or-treaters, so we put out a large bowl of candy and a little sign up saying "Baby Sleeping. Help yourself. Happy Halloween!"

Did you have many visitors to your door?


Kristina said...

He is so adorable in his costume! I'm sure the neighbors loved him!

Kit said...

H is so cute! I love his little mane :)

Emily said...

Your little Owen looked ADORABLE in his costume!!!