Meet the Sullivans: Chalkboard Frame + Art DIY

December 18, 2012

Chalkboard Frame + Art DIY

I don't consider myself to be a crafty lady. I like to be creative and I enjoy making things myself, but I'm not really any good at re-creating the cool crafts I've seen. My version usually ends up looking like the reject version made by someone 1/3 my age. 

THAT being said, I am really proud of one of my latest attempts at being "crafty"!

It started like this: I was at Marshall's buying some frames. Did you know Marshall's is the greatest place for frames? It is. They are cheap and usually pretty cute. Anyway, I saw these beautiful, colorful, bold frames and Instagramed them. 

My friend Nicole then sent me a link to an Etsy shop where someone was selling said frames as chalkboards. I saw it an though I can do that. So I tried.

I had bought one of those cute frames in white, but it turns out the glass is glued to the frame. I would have had to use painters tape around the frame and spray the glass while it was still in the frame. I wasn't willing to risk ruining the frame, so I decided to take this frame I already had and try it out. I had a free printable in it, and it just wasn't merry enough for me.

This stuff is magic! I'm obsessed with spraying anything and everything. 

Easy, peasy!

Wait 24 hours for it to dry completely and then rub with chalk. 

And then put the glass back in the frame and TA-DA you have a cute little chalkboard.

What you do with it next is all up to you, but I decided to use a few Pinterest resources to jazz mine up a bit.

I used these DIY instructions from Indie Craft Parade blog and this Chalkboard printable from nest of Posies to create my design.

The instructions are really pretty simple. After rubbing chalk on your chalkboard lay your printable of choice over your chalkboard. Using a pencil trace over and / or color in the words or pictures on you printable.

The photo below is me coloring in the lettering in the paper I printed my design on (it had a black chalkboard background too). This kind of cramped my hand and took me some time, but I think the end product was worth the extra work.

When you're all done tracing you can remove the printable and you will see the design you trace pretty faintly, but good enough for you to re-trace with chalkboard markers. I used these that I bought at Michael's, although I asked Santa to bring these Chalk Markers, so hopefully he comes through.

And here is another look at the finished product. I'm really happy with it and I'm excited to have made it myself and to find new ways to use it in the future!

Do you have any ideas for easy / fun crafts I can accomplish during nap time? Please share! 

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