Meet the Sullivans: Christmas Day 2012

December 28, 2012

Christmas Day 2012

Just what you've all been dying for, a Christmas Day recap! I'm kidding, but you know I just have to share! This was the best Christmas I've ever experienced. Owen doesn't quite know what's going on yet, but just having that sweet boy around made it magical.

Some of the stocking stuffers that didn't fit inside Owen's stocking. I have to say, he is not the only one enjoying his new Pantone Colors and Little Blue Truck board books! Both are new favorites. He also really likes his Nuk Active Cup, because I think he feels like a big boy when he drinks from it.

I promise we were all happy Christmas morning, even that unhappy looking little guy who is struggling to get off our laps.

I really had to coax Owen into being interested in his stocking. Once I did some brainstorming and got rolling on buying things to fill it I couldn't stop. There were shape shakers, little people cars, a stuffed dog, snacks, socks, a tie and more!

The most popular toy under the tree Christmas morning was his new corn popper push toy from his cousin Holly. He just loves hearing it pop but hasn't figured out the right way to push it himself, so he just lifts it and carries it around.

We took a break halfway through Owen opening his gifts to have breakfast. I made Overnight Egg Nog French Toast, which was fantastic! I will make it again sometime only with one less egg and a little longer cook time. I like my French toast crispy.

After breakfast and O's morning nap he finished opening the rest of his gifts. My favorite is the Anywhere Chair Santa brought and his is probably the Fisher-Price Farm his Grandma Sullivan gave him.

In the afternoon we joined the rest of my side of the family at my Grandpa's house for drinks, dinner, gifts and dessert.

Do you see that? He is smiling for the camera with us! Adorable.