Meet the Sullivans: Owen is 11 months old!

December 19, 2012

Owen is 11 months old!

Dear Owen,

This week you turned 11 months old! It is hard to believe there are only weeks left until your first birthday. I feel like I just gave birth to you, but when I watch you play and explore I can see clearly the brave, friendly and curious big boy you're becoming!

You are walking all over the house ...and at lightning speed! You are barely crawling anymore. You're very proud of yourself, and we are too! You really seem to like being able to carry things with you from room to room. There is no item you consider "too heavy" to try to lift!

You've said ma-ma and dada a lot lately and even in a way that make sounds like a real word.

You got a new stroller and you're loving the view it gives you! You're very happy sitting in it with a snack cup of Cheerios while I get errands done.

You've started wearing shoes! We bought you an adorable pair of Stride Rights. You were so cute the first few time you wore them--you walked like a little doe on his feet for the first time.

Your favorite toys are anything that makes noise or is not actually a toy. You've realized your Mater push car has a trunk and you like to open it to see if there are any toys inside.

You have the sweetest personality and you love to share your smile (and Cheerios!!) with anyone who looks your way. You've been called a flirt by many women while we've been out shopping.

Stats for this month:

Weight: I'm guessing you're still around 22 lbs. That's what you weighed when we took you to the doctor for your cold two weeks ago.

Health: You've finally recovered from your very first illness. You had a cold that took about 3 weeks to completely disappear. The doctors think you had two consecutive ones. 

Diaper: Size 4 Huggies Snug & Dry

Clothes: 18-24 months

Food: You nurse about every three hours during the day, sometime less, sometimes more. I guess it all depends on your appetite that day. You eat three meals a day in the high chair. Breakfast is usually yogurt, toast and a fruit pouch. Lunch is usually cheese, a organic chicken meatball and another pouch. For dinner you eat whatever we're having for dinner.

Teeth: 6 teeth with one on the way!

Sleep: You've been doing pretty well with sleep lately! (Knock on wood) Last night for example, you went down at 8pm and slept until 5am. At five you nursed back to sleep and then slept until 8am! This has been happening frequently for the past week. You take a morning and afternoon nap. Each can last anywhere between 30 minutes - 2+ hours.

Owen, we love you so, so very much. Our love for you grows with each day! We are excited to celebrate your first birthday with you next month, but we also want to freeze time and keep you this little forever! I'm excited for you to continue to learn and grow, but I also want to keep you as my sweet little cuddly baby boy forever.

xoxox Love,

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