Meet the Sullivans: Owen's 1st Christmas Ornament

December 13, 2012

Owen's 1st Christmas Ornament

Last week I saw this great crafty, simple idea for making Christmas ornament by Jennifer of Life in the Green House. I have been search online for personalized baby's first Christmas ornaments to buy for Owen this year, but haven't found something that I love for just the right price. I do LOVE this pretty one from Coton Colors though!

I purchased all of my supplies at Michael's Craft Store. Here is all you need to make these easy and beautiful ornaments for yourself:

4 glass sphere shaped ornaments
acrylic paint in desired colors
black paint pen
pretty ribbon

Start by squirt generous squirts of each color into the glass ornament. You will, of course, need to take the top of the ornament first. The fewer colors you use, the more generous you will need to be with the squirts.

Here are my first two, which turned out okay, but I really should have added more paint to them. I had to shake them for a long time to get the pain to cover the inside of the ornament. I though my arm was going to fall off!

On my third ornament I finally got the hang of gauging the amount of paint I would need. The way the paint swirled together on this one made it my favorite of all four that I made. 

I'm really happy with this set I now have and I'm happy to have made Owen's first ornament myself. It just adds so much more personal meaning to the decoration. I hope someday, when he is grown and hopefully married with children of his own, he'll happily hang it on his family's tree with happy childhood memories. Okay, I'm going to go cry now...

It is now hanging on our tree among all of our other favorite ornaments snuggled rightfully between his Dada's Joe Montana and Indiana Jones ornaments. 

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Emily said...

What a sweet ornament and so fun! Great job, Momma!