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December 6, 2012

'round these parts

1. Did I tell you we bought Owen his first pair of big boy shoes ...because he is full on WALKING now. Yikes, I have a little toddler toddling around the house. He is so happy to be so mobile. He really likes to pick something up, stand up and walk into another room with it. I imagine he loves doing that so much because he could never really bring anything with him when he was just crawling. His hands were busy carrying him around so they couldn't carry any objects. He does this back and forth while I cook dinner. He brings spatulas, strainers and plastic containers from the kitchen to the family room and back again. Geez I adore this silly boy.

2. I sweat to you I had a dream that these Starbucks K-Cups existed and low-and-behold they DO! I bought a box and now it's almost gone. I look forward to the Christmas Blend every year. I'm going to need to pick up 3 next time.

3. I picked up a white version of these frames this week. I love the colorful ones, but I don't know if they would "go" in our home. I really love the white one I got though.

4. This song Cee Lo Green's What Christmas Means to Me is on repeat. I'm even listening to it as I type this post.

5. Okay, back to this cute little monkey. He has me totally smitten. He is hilarious and endless entertainment for me. He thought it was so funny to throw the rolls of wrapping paper out of my shopping cart while we were at Target this week. He'd start the throw one out and I'd say, "No, no, please don't do it" semi-jokingly, but also half serious, and he would throw his head back and LAUGH the heartiest chuckle. If you were one aisle over you would have though I was telling SNL worth jokes or something. My heart just explodes with love for him. I live for these little moments with him.

6. And more Owen. Are you surprised? I hope not. I am a stay-at-home mom, so he really is my whole day. He is a major flirt and will try to seduce anything living with his adorableness. He plays this little game where he looks coyly and someone (something?) and when they pay him attention he hides his face and then peaks back with a huge grin and sometimes a squeal. He loves shopping and Keith and I joke that it's because he loves going out to greet his "fans".

7. I'm cutting my hair and coloring it Saturday. Hooray for no more roots or split ends! 

8. I'm getting crafty today and I can't wait to share my projects. Nothing Earth shattering that you smarties couldn't figure out on your own, but I'll share anyway so I can remember someday what I've done with my life. 

Happy Thursday ya'll!

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