Meet the Sullivans: santa baby: part two: owen's stocking

December 4, 2012

santa baby: part two: owen's stocking

I thought it was hard finding items for Owen's first Easter basket last Spring. But finding little things to fit in a little stocking for an almost-toddler (that are also not a CHOKING HAZARD) has proved much more difficult, but don't you worry! I have been able to find some pretty cute things for my Monkey Doodle Noodle Poodle's first ever Christmas Stocking. (yep, that's what I've been calling him lately! no shame here)

Most of these things are just essentials we would already be buying for him, so it works out well for all of us! I think he'll be especially excited for the microphone! 

Stocking Stuffers for Owen

Owen's stocking is the Train Quilted Stocking from Pottery Barn Kids. I like the design a lot, but I'm a little disappointed in the droopy tree. Sad little looking thing, huh? I know, it could be easily fixed, and maybe I'll get to it by next year.

Since I know there are many other mommies reading this blog I also want to share with you a toy we already have, and love, that would be perfect for any baby's stocking.

Owen loves my keys (what baby doesn't love keys?) and these seemingly real  B. Fun Keys keep him happy in their place. The keys themselves are made of safe stainless steel so it's safe for chewing and the noises it makes aren't obnoxious.

If we didn't already have them I would definitely be purchasing these for his stocking this year

Have you had luck with all of your Christmas shopping? What are you buying for stockings? Any ideas for what to put in my husband's stocking?


Jen said...

We have the same stockings. Love them!

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