Meet the Sullivans: Sick or Not.

December 10, 2012

Sick or Not.

Have you ever faked being sick? I have. If you asked my mom she would probably tell you I tried to get out of going to school weekly by saying I had a stomachache, my throat hurt, my head hurt, etc. Often times, I wasn't sick at all.

My mom stayed home with us, so I knew she was home, and my heart just wanted to be with her. Sick or not, sometimes you just need your mom.

This boy sure as heck does not look sick, does he? But as you can probably see from this photo he has a terrible runny nose and an icky cough. We've been to the doctor, so we know his lungs are clear and so are his ears.

We are proud to say this is only Owen's first illness and he is really taking it like a champ. But even so, there have been moments, and even whole days, where all he's wanted to do is rest his head on my shoulder or be buried in a pile of pillows together on our bed. And although I wish he were not ill, I must admit I have enjoyed those tender mellow little moments.

It feels really sweet to know I can give him that comfort, and I suppose that's why my mom always let me stay home. She knew that sometimes I just need to to be comforted, sick or not.

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Emily said...

Our little Owen has a cold for the first time right now too, so sad. I agree, the snuggles are the best! Hope your little guy is feeling better now.