Meet the Sullivans: Bells Will Be Ringing

January 2, 2013

Bells Will Be Ringing

I still have a little catching up to do with some Christmas posts this week--hope no one minds! My friends from high school and I have been celebrating Christmas together at our Girls' Christmas Party since we first met in high school. Although all of our lives have changed so much since these parties started the party itself hasn't changed much! It's still something we all look forward to each year as a way to reconnect and catch up. I love this tradition and the girls who belong to it. 

Anne hosted the party this year at her home. She was such a great hostess! 

We decided to do a Favorite Things gift exchange this year. In years past we've done Secret Santa and White Elephant (but with god gifts, no gags). Each girl brought 5 $10 gifts of whatever they deemed their favorite things. We had a lot of fun with this and I think we might do it again next year too! I had fun wrapping up my gifts! The paper is from Target's holiday paper this year. I wish I'd bought more of it for other gifts throughout the year. 

Anne has a really great collection of Christmas Villages. I love them! My mom always displays her's too. Don't you just want to shrink down to the size of a mouse and walk through the village? Funny tidbit: Anne's husband started buying his own villages this year to "compete" with Anne's. His include a Pub, Chinese Food Restaurant, Movie Theater, etc. How funny are they? We love them.

I was pretty excited when I saw Jackie's gifts to us since I had an idea of where they came from just by looking at them. 

In years past we've done dinner out, a full dinner at home or just heavy appetizers. This year the majority of us voted for heavy apps at home, so that's what we went with and it was perfect! Hilary made her mom's mac and cheese, and caprese skewers. Anne made her famous spinach dip and empanadas. Allison made the most delicious cheese, chicken, cranberry stuffed crescent rolls. Jackie made a beautiful champagne cocktail and I brought creme de menthe brownies.

Looking at this plate from that night is making me so hungry. Is there anything better than eating appetizers for dinner with a little champagne cocktail to wash it all down? I think not.

We had the actual fire going, but we also had to have the yule log going too!

Jackie's gorgeous champagne cocktail. I loved how pretty the green sugar rimmed champagne glasses looked. Such a nice touch!

There are six of us girls, but our friend Nicole lives in New Jersey with her husband and son. She is due any minute with their little girl, so they didn't make it home for Christmas this year--we missed her so--but we were able to Skype her into the party! Allison came for the party too but had to leave early to drive down to her in laws with her son to meet her husband for Christmas in Los Angeles. Like I said before, so much has changed since we started these parties. We all have other, family, husbands, children, etc but I'm so glad we've never skipped a year.

Our favorite things were: Anthropologie coffee mugs with each girl's initial (drinking from mine now!), Philosophy Purity facial cleanser, pretty pink pajama pants (I'm wearing mine right now!), and a necklace holder. My gift to the girls was a polkadot tumbler. I love the ones I have and use them everyday for my green smoothies or Diet Cokes.

I am so happy with how our gift exchange turned out. All the gifts were awesome and not one of us chose the same thing. I worried a bit that we might all end up with a lot of wine bottles and nail polish, but not one person chose those things!

I made tags with the lyrics from My Favorite Things for my gifts for the girls. I printed a whole page of the lyrics back to back on 80# cardstock and used my 2 inch scalloped craft punch to cut them out. 
You'll need to download the free Honey Script font too.

I'm already looking forward to the next time we can all be together! It is always so much fun. I'm hoping we won't have to wait until next Christmas! 

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Andrea said...

What a wonderful evening! There is nothing better then great friends!