Meet the Sullivans: Crafty McCrafterson Makes a Balloon Wreath

January 7, 2013

Crafty McCrafterson Makes a Balloon Wreath

Who am I? I become a mom and all of a sudden I'm addicted to crafting things. Maybe because it's fun? Or maybe because I have a need for crafted things? Either way, I'm here to share with you my first craft in the Owen's First Birthday Circus Crafts series.

I got the idea for this balloon wreath on Pinterest, of course. Where else do ideas come from these days? I followed the advice of many Birthday Party Balloon Wreath Crafters who came before me, but in the end I went my own way--which wasn't much different from any of them, but more a hodge podge of them all.

Supplies You'll Need:

  • 18-inch Straw Floral Wreath (you could do smaller too, of course)
  • Colorful Ribbon
  • Craft Pins, about 200. 
  • Approximately 300+ balloons

Let me tell you a little something about these wreaths. Everyone is different, heck, every wreath is different, so the amount of balloons you decided to use it up to you. I read this tutorial by the fabulous AP and thought I would definitely follow her advice and snatch up 600 balloons. Then I went to the party store and found out that if I bought that many balloons I would be spending $80+ on balloons for a wreath---insane, so I bought four of the 72 count bags, because I had also read this tutorial which says she only used 144 balloons. I used every last balloon and still ended up with a very full looking wreath. Happy medium!


1. Keep your wreath wrapped in the plastic. Everyone says this, and for very good reason. You're going to be handling this thing a lot and sticking many pins into it along the way. The straw will be everywhere if you unwrap that thing. Don't unwrap it.
2. Wrap the colorful ribbon around your wreath. I used red and yellow polka dotted ribbons, but really it can be any color / design, because the point is that if there are any gaps or spaces in your balloon placement you don't want the straw wreath to be seen. The ribbons help camouflage it.
3. Start pinning those balloons. I am not a perfectionist! I often hear my mother in the back of my mind saying "It doesn't have to be perfect" whenever I'm doing anything, and she's right. What is perfect, anyway? I stacked / fanned out about 3 balloons on a chosen spot on my wreath and then stuck a pin through them. I repeated this a million times until all of my balloons were used up. It took me less than and hour start to finish and I even had a active toddler toddling around me while I did it.

A few words of advice:

  • Stop every once in a while and see if any one color is predominant in any one area of your wreath. I wanted mine to be a fairly balanced mix of colors.
  • About 3/4 of the way through hold your wreath up as it will be hanging on your door. This will tell you where you need to fill in any gaps in balloonage.
  • Use this wreath again and again, year after year for your child's birthday. I plan to! Even if we aren't having a party at home I'll hang it on the door throughout the week of his birthday as a way to celebrate him.   
Thanks, friends! I hope you've enjoyed the first installment in my Owen's First Birthday Circus Crafts series. I'll be back with more later this week! 


Emily said...

What a fun idea! Can you believe you are planning the 1st bday already!? Can't wait to see pics! I'm trying my best to start to get organized for my little Owen's birthday in March as well! Love your new family pictures on your side bar.

Kit said...

So cool... I really like this idea! I can't wait to see the whole party put together.