Meet the Sullivans: Owen's First Birthday Circus: The Cake Smash?

January 27, 2013

Owen's First Birthday Circus: The Cake Smash?

This is my finally post- birthday party post. I hope you've enjoyed seeing Owen's First Birthday celebration as much as I've enjoyed sharing it! 

When it came time for Owen to smash the cake he was already pretty overstimulated and tired. I wish there was a way to have done it earlier, but we wanted to make sure everyone got a chance to finish with lunch before we started in desserts.

To my surprise Owen didn't want to smash or taste his birthday cake. I thought he would love to make a messy mess! He touched it a few times and stopped to clap for himself and induce an applause from his audience. Gosh, I love him! We tried to let him play with the cake for a bit, but he just wanted out of the high chair. I'm glad he didn't cry though--I've heard some kids get really overwhelmed. Some day soon I'm going to let him have another go at a cupcake! 


Jen said...

Too cute! Both my boys really smashed into their cakes.

Emily said...

Precious, I am quite curious how my little guy is going to react to his birthday treat (i think we are going to do a "smash pie") as well! Love the high chair and bunting too!