Meet the Sullivans: Owen's First Birthday Circus: Part One

January 21, 2013

Owen's First Birthday Circus: Part One

Owen's First Birthday Circus was a success! Owen had fun and so did all of his lovely guests! I spent over a month getting ideas and projects ready for his special day, and all the hard work paid off. I think we were all happy with the way everything turned out!

The balloon wreath I made was hung on the front door, along with a chalkboard sign below it that said "welcome". 

In the entryway we had the chalkboard birthday sign I made and a Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss book as a guest book for party guests to sign. 

The dessert table was definitely my favorite part of all of the decorations! (I'll share all the details of the desserts and food with you this week!) I purchased the "Happy Birthday Owen" banner on Etsy from Haute Chocolate Favors. I used this free printable to make the banner for his highchair and then mounted the letters on polka dot, striped and solid card stock. 

To make the #1 Photo Collage I drew the outline of a large 1 on tag board. I used an exacto knife to cut the 1 and printed color 4x6 photos of Owen at Costco.  I used double sided tape to adhere the pictures to the tag board.  Easy as apple pie. I think I'll hang this above the changing table in Owen's room!

Keith made an adorable slideshow that played throughout the party on the TV in the family room. We had some cute music playing along with it and made sure to have pictures of of Owen with many of our party guests. I could have watched the slideshow ALL DAY LONG! It's just so sweet! 

I used painters tape on these white wood letters I bought at Michael's and painted over with red acrylic paint t make the stripes. I also bought a "W" so it can spell Owen in his room afterward. 

In the Living Room I had a 1-11month countdown of all the monthly photos I took of Owen through his first year. I found the popcorn boxes in the dollar section at Target--such a great coincidence!--to hold the photos. Each picture was mounted on red car stock and a red and white striped straw was taped to the back. I used green floral foam to hold the straw and photo upright. I made the bunting myself using card stock and twine. 

It was really fun for me to make all of the decorations for Owen's party! Having said that, I think I am done party planning for a while! 

Tomorrow I'll be back with Owen's 12 Month post! 

Happy Monday friends!


Elizabeth Ann @ Elizabeth Ann's Recipe Box said...

SO cute! :-) Love all of the decorations!

Julie Rogers said...

SUPER cute decorations---LOVE them!!!!


Pink Lace and Cupcakes said...

Such an adorable party!!!! Can you believe he's one??!??

Emily said...

You guys did a great job. Love all the details and handmade touches and of course, all of the adorable pics of the little guy.

Cristina said...

Aww, such great decorations! Great job!

Unknown said...

You are an awesome party planner - side business?! :) The wreath is adorable and definitely something you can use for each of his birthdays!

Kendall Jones said...

So cute!!!

Kit said...

Everything turned out just perfect...for a perfect little boy. Owen is going to love looking back at these pictures and seeing just how much you all love him.

the tichenor family said...

everything is darling! LOVE that balloon wreath. It would make me smile on my door year-round!