Meet the Sullivans: 'round here laely

January 4, 2013

'round here laely

clockwise from top left

I am going full steam ahead this week with the DIY projects for Owen's first birthday party. I've checked the chalkboard and balloon wreath off my list. 

I have two sick guys in my home this week. Runny noses and sore throats. I'm looking forward to when everyone is all better and hoping I don't come down with it too. 

Staying organized is a passion of mine and I'm loving my new Home Management binder. My old one started falling apart and I've found new ways to make it work better for me. 

The ballon wreath I mentioned earlier. I'll share my DIY for this next week. 

And finally the cutest little man I've ever known. He's a monkey and we love him SO. 

Happy Friday, my friends! I hope your weekend is a wonderful one! 
xoxox, CS

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