Meet the Sullivans: Clip, Clip, Snip: Owen's First Haircut

February 13, 2013

Clip, Clip, Snip: Owen's First Haircut

It's funny how much a fresh haircut can change someone's look. I didn't really think Owen was in such terrible need of a haircut until I looked back on these photos from the weekend. I thought his little "baby mullet" was kind of cute and even enjoyed helping him brush it--he loves to look in the mirror while he brushes his hair. But as he started growing some "wings" over his ears, we thought it was probably time for at least a trim.

Look how long it is in the back! I could almost braid it.

We took him to Just Kids Cuts & Beauty Market in Burlingame after having it recommended to us by pretty much everyone we asked. They had a little waiting room with toys, blocks and video games for the kids to play in while they waited their turn.

Owen thought it was so cool to be in the room with the big boys playing. He especially enjoyed the dinosaur and horse figurines he found. 

Owen's hairdresser was so great with him! We were so lucky to have someone with so much experience with little kids. She knew just what to do to keep him calm and still while she worked her magic.

While the hairdresser was so great, I do have to confess that Owen was really amazing too. We were prepared for him to freak out or have a melt down, but he was as cool as a cucumber. He happily played with the horse and dino he found in the waiting area and sat so patiently on his Daddy's lap the entire time.

Toward the end he became interested in the comb she was using and of course wanted to comb Daddy's hair. 

I just laugh when I look at this photo because it looks as though he's checking himself out in the mirror to make sure she's doing it right. I imagine him saying, "Just a little more off the back, ...". 

Now, how handsome does he look? We think the haircut makes him look so much more grown up and like such a big boy. Keith also thinks it makes him look like a little British man and I agree ...but maybe I've been watching too much Downton Abbey.

We're so glad his first cut went well, but we have realistic expectations that our "opinionated", "passionate",  "strong willed" (for lack of better words) son will probably not always be such an angel at moments like this. But isn't it heavenly when they are?


Unknown said...

I love that place! I took my boys on Friday. Hadee (sp?) is the best.

He looks so cute! I'm glad he did so well for his first cut.

NsarkiM said...

He is SO adorable!